After a bit of discussion, asthma I signed on to play a sadistic plastic surgeon in this movie:

It should be very fun. An old friend, decease Drew Rosenberg, is directing and I get to write off all my trips to the driving range and such. Yep, my golf will keep children from getting medicine! Yay!

Speaking of sports… I really hate sports. Following a team… thinking they give a fuck about you… Fighting with people because of bullshit. And… soccer riots. Hockey riots. Basketball riots. Football riots. Really dumb.

But, I sure like playing tennis.

I played back in the high school. Tournaments, “the team”, all of that. I haven’t played, more than a couple of times, since 1980. That’s why I decided to join the Los Angeles city league and begin playing matches against people who do play all the time.

About a month ago, the first time I hit a ball with another person was, literally, my first match. And, since I’ve spent most of the year in a blue funk, I’ve um… put on some weight and was out of shape. So, the first two matches I played, I was remembering how to play and I was winded and in pain, so I forfeited the matches. Then, I played someone else when I was sick and forfeited that one, too.

And it brought back all of the stuff I used to go through in my head about winning and losing and hurting someone’s feelings… really nuts. But I was finally able to let all of that crap go and won two matches last week.

It’s pretty cool. My body is staging a bit of a mutiny. At least my right knee, wrist and elbow. Ice is my friend.

Yeah, playing bass, web programming and tennis. It’s good for the tendons. Oh yeah.

Voice activated computing is going to come along at just about the right time, me thinks.

Speaking of voice. The bride and I got the jesusphone.

Pretty damned cool. Yep.