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I laid out a bunch of calm and logical points for a friend of mine who had seemed to be listening about why a vote for the obama/mccain ticket is rotten. One of her replies was ranting, sickness spewing hatred for palin. I pointed that out and I’ve attached her reply

I totally get that palin’s religious shit is shit, symptoms but the level of intellect among these “intellectuals” is breaking me.

I suppose that they are thinking that there is an acceptable level of religious hogwash. Comparing Obama to Jesus is okay, but the fact that Palin has a principled (yet moronic) view about the bible is bad.

This classism… The idea that one of the reasons she’s an idiot is because she’s from Alaska is disgusting. The population of Alaska “100,000 more than Oklahoma City…” manages to sneer at Oklahoma, too. Why not 100,000 more than Cambridge? It’s buying in to Penn’s point about the attitude that there can’t be any intelligent people between NYC and L.A. All of those stupid, engineers, computer programmers, doctors, lawyers. They’re all retards, but the ones who live from development deal to development deal writing crap that fewer and fewer people care about… well, we’re all geniuses, I tell you. They don’t have masters degrees in Art History and Poetry, they’re just stupid a-holes who work in hospitals and labs. Too bad they’ve never written for Family Guy or had a video on The Jon Stewart Show, the dumbfucks.

I used to talk to friends about this fascinating thought experiment regarding kiddie porn. ( they show murders and rapes on the news and it’s perfectly legal. why is the record of the crime of child molestation illegal?) I stopped because it would devolve into me having to reassure the other person that I was not, in fact, hoping to have some extra special alone time with their kids.

Now I have to reassure people that I’m not a republican, either. It’s gross.

So, she sends me this video of these two people singing a “funny song” about sarah palin. complete with “we’re doomed” and threats to move to canaduh if mccain wins.

I’m done. You guys win.

From: dean’s anonymous friend
Date: October 17, 2008 6:52:28 PM PDT
To: dean cameron
Subject: Fwd: Hey, Sarah Palin

Okay, here are some more reasons.
I’m going to sit down and ponder this question: Why the vehement hatred when it comes to Sarah Palin. I will ponder it in my usual brain vomit way when I have some quiet time to think.
but here’s a good start.

hey sarah palin