“I’ll never do one of those autograph show things…”

Never say never.

Next weekend, I’ll be in the other Sin City: SinSinnati, Ohio at HorrorHound Weekend. Signing autographs and saying…

  • “I don’t know where Gary Riley is… I read he died in a car accident, but received email a few months ago from someone claiming to be him and that person, at least, seemed extremely alive.”
  • I’m not sure Ski School II made enough money to warrant a Ski School III
  • I think Rockula is underrated, as well.
  • That’ll be 10 bucks, please.

Glib, unnecessary pessimism aside, I’m actually looking forward to it. “Esquela de Sommero”** turned me into a full-on horror fan and there are going to be some people there that I’m looking forward to seeing, if not meeting. Horror fans are the best kind of people because they are passionate and do-not-give-a-fuck. There is also going to be someone there who an old girlfriend cheated on me with years and years ago when I cared about those things, so that should be nifty.

I will be away from the bride and child for longer than I like (at least that’s what I’m saying in public) and that will be a huge drag. I don’t envy the bride having to deal with an infant who has decided that waking up at night every 3-4 hours and screaming is the way to go about things.

**that’s Summer School in the language I made up