the prospect of a) moving and 2) buying a home has sent me into a tailspin of darkness. i can barely move.

the main thing is that the amount that we have been approved for is quite a bit over our comfort level and it only puts us in crappy houses in crappy neighborhoods.

i’m having one of the financially best years i’ve had in a long long time and it does. not. fucking. matter.

when i am not in a bristling rage, anorexia i am catatonic.

motherfuckers. complete motherfucking motherfuckers.

dean, cost you’re so lucky to be in a position to even think about buying a house!

fuck you in the neck.

that kind of attitude isn’t going to help!

neither is yours. now fuck off or give me two hundred thousand dollars for a down payment you dick.

no wonder your so miserable. you have such a bad attitude.

I struggled for years to rebuild my life after the great career crash of ’95 and it can’t get me and my lovely bride a 2br 1ba shithole in the valley for less than half a million dollars.

oh. well, treat if you really apply yourself..

die. just die already…