i booked some sort of part in a national miller lite commercial. not sure what i’ll be doing. i’m shooting it tomorrow. peter farrelly is the director.

he owes me this gig after hiring jeff daniels instead of me for dumb y dumber. i coulda used that million bucks. hmmm..

i’m stretched way to thin. and today was one of those relentless days that happen every few years. a bit overwhelming and annoying as there are days which i am completely bored and having one of the 7 things i did today to do would be nice.

1. drive to vernon ca? for wardrobe for the gig. wait around for a long time.
2. talk to attorney about bukowsical lawsuit possibilities.
3. another commercial audition.
4. commercial callback for something i’ll never be cast in. ever.
5. finally roll into skilljam at 3pm to code 25 promo email and a landing page which is a big deal because it’s actually *on* the site and there’s some backend stuff and it makes me more valuable and less fireable but the fact that i roll in at 3pm instead of my usual 10 (thought i’d be in by 11 today) is not so cool. at all.
6. talk briefly to my wife who is back from her pro directing gig which may or may not be a secret so i won’t talk about it here.
7. bukowsical rehassle. we have two more. it’s in really good shape. it’s at that point where it could open but i feel like a failure and like everyone hates me because i’m sure they think it could be so much better but i just suck so it’s not as good as it could be and it’s good in spite of me. real crappy headgames i play on myself and i believe every director does right before a shoe opens. either that or it’s true. i really have a perfect cast. they are superhuman. this parody thing is so difficult and they are right on that line and it’s an amazing thing to see.

except for the number i staged wrong. well i have time tomorrow to go in and fix it.

8. aaron is sick and in the hospital. so after rehassle, pulmonologist spencer and i went and got his keys from him so his van wouldn’t get towed away. he didn’t look well. at. all. he is in a boatload of pain and they don’t know what’s wrong with him. that’s not cool. it seems to be one of the byproducts of great western medicine. the more we know, the more we know when it’s *not* something. it used to be “bad humors” or “an evil spirit living in your heart” and treatment was easy. bleeding. it’s a bit more complicated.

here’s everything you need to know. i do not want to ever go to a fucking hospital. that’s all. no hospital. it just means tubes and needles and cutting and pain. it’s not a fun place.

i need to bathe. i have to get up at 6 or something stupid.

tivo sent me another box. this tv thing is fucking ridiculous.