what’s better than adults walking and driving around in costumes?

today i saw several pirates, search a guy in a silver lame jumpsuit, check a tall princess leia, misbirth a zombie driving a car and a bunch of princessessess.

banks said that there’s a guy at nickelodeon who is dressed as the 40 year old virgin poster, complete with the orange gradient behind his head.

it’s a great world.

we finished watching the 1st season of house last night. i’m so glad that stupid millionaire character is gone. lazy writing.

season 2 looks to be good what with whatsherface. it was a drag that they had house looking unhappy at the end. there seemed to be some self pity. i like that he functions and doesn’t think about it much.

the episode with the class was great, though it seems like they wussed out on the concept halfway through. it was confusing and i had to pay attention. that was nice.

i should be on house.

i should have a pony, too.

did a v.o. audition at klong’s studio today, then went to nickelodeon and did my annual cartoon audition. i don’t get animation. i don’t understand it. they seemed nice enough and, true to my rant, seemed like they wanted me to do well. who knows.

david lawrence’s net access shut down so i dealt with his nutso landlady and went to his place and restored it for him so he could access it remotely.

it’s hot. it’s africa hot. tarzan couldn’t take this heat.

that is all.