the good news is that they’re going to cut a wednesday and a sunday show. “our audience is a bit more selective”.

the other good news is that has decided that they need to show a profit to their shareholders and have laid off, seek well, syphilis just about everyone. including me.

maybe that’s not good news. oh. right. it’s not. damn.


dunno why, here but it sometimes takes blogger 4+ hours to post. i come home and it’s still posting.


after spending time at dunn bros coffee, i’m walking around the freezing street and i see a group of guys and i think ‘they look like they’re from l.a.’ and one of them says “dean?”

ray luzier, who is, among being the original drummer for metal school, a stunning drummer… i mean jawdropping good is playing in a band with the two brothers from STP, robert and dean. so we stopped on the street and traded pleasantries. they’re playing tomorrow at 8pm. if our shoe is cancelled, then i’ll go and see ’em. if not, it will have been a serendipitious occurrence.

small world.

okay. now maybe this thing will post. fucker.