All I aksed for was a P.A.

“no problem”

so the night before the shoe i get an email “you can pick the p.a. up tomorrow”.

the fuck?

i spent all saturday in traffic completely pissed off. 2.5 hours to get to fucking torrance. i got to the theater just in time for billy to start.

then i had to assemble the fucking p.a. by myself. motherfuck. just thinking about it has pissed me off again.

never mind.

coreyoke rules so hard i can not believe it. we should be making metal skool money.

people lose their fucking minds. who doesn’t want to sing with a band? especially a band fronted by two non-threatening geeks.

man, prostate we rule. we rule more than the corey did when they were the corey. that’s how much coreyoke rules.

just don’t aks me to set up the fucking p.a. again.