Last night, we were late getting home and had to get Duncan into his bath right after we got in. He was pissed and started to whine and cry. After trying to reason with my 3 year old, I said “Hey, come outside with me, I want to show you something.”

It has been so hot here in Burbank, but I love the heat because it makes the nights beautiful.

We sat on the steps and I told him about how I love summer nights. How I always felt like nights in the summertime were a reward for the cold and hard times people go through the rest of the year. Even a break from the heat of the summer days. He didn’t really get it much, but it sort of distracted him from having his quick transition from a great day with mom and dad to bath and bedtime.

He loathes sleeping. We think he might feel like he’s missing something. He will kick his legs or move his arms just to keep himself awake.

Back to the matter at hand:

I aksed him to listen to the sounds because they were specifically summer night sounds.

“What can you hear, Duncan?”
“Crickets, a car, rollee pollees…”

On cue, a train whistle blew. Perfect.

“You hear that?”
“A train!”

We were whispering by now.

I aksed him if he heard the cars on the freeway. He nodded.

He leaned into me and I put my arm over his shoulder. We sat there for a while. Some more crickets began chirping. I told him they were singing to each other so they could sleep.

Duncan said “I like the night because it makes everything glow in the dark.”

I got teary because I’m a wuss like that.