powered through my second monologue scene. the scene with my dangling hog.

i may have mentioned this before:

in a fit of self centeredness, viagra i googled myself for appearances in blogs. someone had seen love tapes and, pills in a description of my nakedosity, said something snarky like: i saw love tapes. dean cameron was naked. dean cameron had a small part in love tapes.

it’s brutal out there.

no fluffing before the scene will help as so much time passes between the scene change and the actually hog presentation. ah well.

but. it went quite well. i managed to power through the stuff i didn’t know and it’s a bit easier scene. there aren’t quite as many levels to hit as the first one. also there is some really nice writing in the first scene (there’s nice writing in the whole damned thing) that i’ve not committed to memory so well yet. i can fake my way through lots of the second scene dialogue.

we’re going to go see tailgate nights. we call it tailgate nights because that’s what jessie thought it was called from one of her brief glances at the billboard. so. tailgate nights.

i slept forever again. i’d forgotten. i’d just forgotten about the toll this shoe takes.

oh. we went to “awesome 80’s prom” last night. it’s playing at the hennepin stages and is closing this weekend. it’s tony & tina’s wedding, except it’s you know… an 80’s prom.

it’s been playing awhile and people come to the show dressed up and they come to party. so it was more like awesome 80’s drunken riot. i couldn’t deal with the noise and the chaos so we went to play air hockey at game works.

apparently it got worse. some horrible person puked in not one, but two cups at her table. yes, “her” table. a woman. got so fucking drunk that she puked in cups. couldn’t find the courtesy to get up and go puke in the bathroom like any normal loser, nope… had to puke in cups. at her table.


ah, animal house.

glad we left. the director of that shoe is supposed to be there tonight. wonder what’s gonna happen?

i have my “no che guevara” shirt. been wearing it and i’ve had two people aks me “what have you got against che guevara?” today.

what’s wrong with che guevara? is a fine thing to google, you clueless little wussies.

Off to tailgate nights!