Commercials, commercials, commercials…

As I stopped at 7-11, a clip of Nancy Pelosi saying that her “favorite word” is “The Word.”

They laughed *at* her and started getting goofy.

Coincidentally, there was a woman in line ahead of me at 7-11 aksing if everything was kosher. Literally.

When I finally got out with my coffee… Things on the show had devolved (get it?) to someone playing the clip of Nancy Pelosi and someone else acting like they were being tortured by it and vomiting. I think it was Beck, but I couldn’t be sure. I guess that’s mean. But they seemed to be making fun of themselves. But I guess you could say they were being really mean to Nancy Pelosi by acting like listening to her talk made them vomit.

Saying that the most important word is “The Word” seems really, really, really religious, right? And she’s the big democrap, right? If she’s serious, it’s wacky religious at it’s worst and if she’s trying to scare up support, it’s cynical pandering that shows a deep lack of respect for religion, right?

A friend of mine said that the thought of Sarah Palin makes her physically ill. I guess it’s the same thing, right?

So those two wrongs equal what? Two wrongs… right!