finally a good show. a show where shit wasn’t missing. where the audience wasn’t out of their minds. where it was just dangerous enough to stay fun and nutty for everyone; the way the show is supposed to be.

they were quiet. listening. taking in the show. they got it. they oohed and aaahhed at all the right places. the people we brought up weren’t there to get their pictures taken by their drunken loser friends. it was a nice show. there was only one technical problem and that’s a fine amount of technical problems. like i said, patient just enough danger to keep it interesting and fun.

i’ve packed up just about everything i can pack up.

monday, treat carr is taking me to mailboxes etc. or some such place so i can ship all my shit back. then i’m staying with them until the show on thursday. they have dogs and a home and it’s not a depressing shithole. they have wifi and that is, obviously, the most important thing.

the good news is that we’re doing a Corey-oke gig on Rocktober 17th. that is extremely exciting and i’m looking forward to that.

i wish i still took vicodin recreationally. this next ten days is the perfect time for recreational drug use.

ah well.