A few times after the spamscam shoe, illness people would express concern *for* the scammers; as if I was doing something bad to them.

I am convinced it is a sort of reverse racism “those poor black people in nigeria have no choice but to turn to crime… if they bilk someone out of their life savings, the person deserves it because he is 1. stupid and b. white.”

once skin color gets involved, people go nuts.

often the person who is awed by a person who is gullible enough to fall for a persistent, professional scammer has some sort of thing they believe in; god, astrology, the two party system, etc., which is complete and utter bullshit. we all fall for stuff every day. for example, i have this weird belief that i can somehow succeed in an industry where the unemployment rate is over 90%. who’s the gullible idiot, eh?

irregardless… i’ve jumped in headfirst to some politically correct folks who are quite miffed that someone might violate a 419 scammer’s intellectual property rights.


i’ve said it before, the guy i corresponded is free to come to the states and do the show with me and profit however he wants.

i also find it cute that they think i’m making some sort of profit from the show in the first place… if they had ANY idea.

in other news. looking at homes with chilton. he and his bride may go in with me and jessie on a duplex or more. it’s such a hassle.

tomorrow is 360 at sacred fools. their annual fund raiser. i was able to pull some strings with famous friends and get some swag to auction off. coreyoke is also wrapping the evening up at 1am. should be cool. joe “corey hart” higgins can’t make the show so nick “corey hart” lane is filling in on drums.

i finally put up a crappy looking web page at coreyoke.com

it’s so late right now.

oh. the thornbirds are playing dec. 26th at the key club. I’ll be closer to 50 than I like. darren will be closer to 40…