Thanks to Hernan on myfriendfacespacebookster and his superior search skills, location of the Enron commercial I did has been, um, located.

See how happy I am to be getting paid to spout principles I actually believe. Also, moving my head around like Clooney on Ecstasy.

Oh, Enron… why were you such awful bastards?

[youtube wl4wmySxuQA]

Funny audition story about this gig, too. Was supposed to wear a suit. It was summer. Over 90f. I wore shorts and a t-shirt. When the CD said “tell me about yourself” I said “oh, man *that* question… Fuck, I don’t know… I’m an unemployed actor trying to get a gig on a commercial… what else?”

I think it was almost three months later when I got the call.

The technique never worked again. I tried.

“Dean, can you tell me about the audition today? What happened in there?”