One of the many benefits of hooking up with my most awesome bride is her family. I’m fortunate to actually love my mother in law and Jessie’s grandparents, Elena & Rosie are wicked cool.

Elena is Elena Verdugo. If you are old enough to remember Marcus Welby MD., you know who she is. If you’re old enough to remember Abbot & Costello meet Frankenstein, you know who she is. Yeah. Totally awesome.

Our friend, RRG, just sent us an episode of Celebrity Bowling Elena Verdugo and Ed Asner “competing” against Lorreta Swit and Gavin McLeod (guess when it was shot). Here are some screen caps.

The cool “tricycle” thing is one of the prizes. The announcer says that you can “help ecology” by using one.

I guess it worked, because the impending ice age never came.