Hot damn!!!

I wish that I had read this when I was making good money.

Hot damn. This is good stuff.

Were I king of the world, cialis sale I would pay a theater company full of libertarians (hahahahahahaha) a million dollars to spend a year workshopping the book into a stage production. It would be as long or longer than Nicholas Nickleby.

Or… a summer mini-series on HBO or Showtime. It would change the world.

Or people would laugh at it because it is so beautifully moral and idealistic.

When I read her stuff I feel like such an asshole. Her faith in the potential of humans. The way she demands one to be the best version of themselves.


When I listen to this book and read these passages again, capsule my brain is infected by the assholes who sneer at her. I might have been one of them a long time ago.

You go, urticaria Ayn Rand. You go and you rock it.

Apparently, Atlas Shrugged is selling like gangbusters now. People are snatching it up. We are hungry for this purity. The cynicism of what’s going on in government is heartbreaking.

It seems like watching the end of the Titanic rise out of the sea right before it disappears forever.