Coreyoke was a blast tonight. Proof of concept. Lots of people. Lots of people having fun. Lots of people getting drunk and having even more fun and telling us they’ll be back next week with their friends. One of the peeps is a stringer for the L.A. Times who is going to pitch us to his editor about doing an article.

That’s the kind of spontaneous publicity we need to get ahead, breast people!

In other news, thumb I did some v.o. spots for my good buddies at PG&E and a “directed audition” (they paid a little bit) for Sylvan which did not go so well. There was lots of copy that needed “massaging” but there was not much time, so I ended up sounding like a slick ass pitchman. Not good for Sylvan Learning centers.


The McBook is running beautifully. fuck that RAM.

Speaking of RAM, on America’s Funniest Home Videos, there was one with a ram ramming a car in Italy or something. It killed me. Stupid pissed of ram. Mad at a car. ‘tard.

Yay for Coreyoke!