The coreyoke shows at the joint were underwhelming.

Though we built a solid following of nearly 15 people, patient it’s not enough for us to continue playing there. We each make about 8 bucks an hour and, surgeon well, that’s not enough. So we will move on to another venue and see how it goes.

We may do a thing at a place called the lava lounge beginning in january.


Jessie and I are off to Kauai tomorrow morning. We’re finally going on our honeymoon. If I had a better VO year this year, I would probably be more excited about going.

It will be nice to be warm for a while. It has gotten too cold for me here (below 60. I’m a wuss, yes.)

Jessie is having anxiety attacks regarding being “in public” in a bikini. Man, I feel so bad for women. Sorry that we do that to you, ladies.

Oh well. Better her than me!

I think the place we’re staying has no internet, so it will be weird for me. There is a place “down the street” that does, though I don’t know what “down the street” really means.


Rock on!