There is a science message board that doesn’t allow any input from people who disagree. They feel that it’s important that no dissenting views be heard because science can’t take any investigation.

Oh, viagra approved wait… I’m completely mistaken.

If you want to kill your robot, caries take a trip over to and see how open minded the folks who run the “Alternative Medicine” wiki are.

And I quote:

Everything that does not fall into the realm of modern medicine has been labeled as pseudo-scientific or unscientific at Wiikipedia.

Um… yeah.. Exactly. If it’s not science. If it can’t be tested or falsified, store it’s not science. It’s not medicine.

What had happened, apparently, was that anyone posting about Alternative Medicine on wikipedia was getting pestered by others posting facts, studies and results, showing how those subjects were pseudoscience. Instead of learning, they decided to do what any fringe group does, cry “establishment interference!!!” and start a wiki that didn’t allow input from skeptics. No examination.

Imagine if a drug company began their own wiki and removed any dissent. People would go nuts and riot in the streets. (I exaggerate to clarify)

Being the passive/aggressive person I am wont to be, I created an account and posted an article about “Tree Therapy” which we all know is great for dealing with Dandruff, among other things.

Yep, you don’t invite me to your pool party, I will hop the fence and pee in it when you’re not looking.

Here’s the link

Feel free to update and make changes. I’m sure they’ll take it down…

Silence the truth about TREE THERAPY!!!

Here’s the article:

Tree Therapy
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1 Tree Therapy
2 The Early Experiment – Norway
3 More Studies – Paris
4 More Studies – Weehauken
5 Tree Therapy – Method

Tree Therapy

Tree Therapy is based on the findings by Hanneman follower, DVM. Sarno Falluga of India, stating that repeated encounters with specific types of trees, namely Oak, Pine, Fir & Bissel, show curative qualities not found in allopathic treatments of such complaints as: dandruff, depression, fatigue, colon warts, athlete’s foot & the grippe.

Early tests, conducted at Falluga’s office in Bombay, 1953, had three patients, “A”, “B” & “3”, returning time and time again to the doctor’s home-based facility seeking a remedies for, in this study’s case, dandruff.

Falluga’s training in World War II with the 34th infantry, took him to Norway, where he found his own skin conditions clearing up after spending three weeks camping on maneuvers in a forest with fellow corporal, famed Norwegian Raquetball Champion, Skaalen Flaksgaang. Having come from a long line of dandruff sufferers, Falluga immediately began requesting test subjects in the Norwegian daily “De Kaaken”.

His superiors were skeptical of the claims made by Falluga (and now Flaksgaang, as well) and did everything they could to stop his important experiments. Some have pointed to the obvious connection of Commander Westmoreland’s connection with the Richard Johnson, (of the Johnson & Johnson family who would later go on to market dandruff “cures” such as “Head & Shoulders” and “Cruex”.) as the reason for the seeming blockade on his upcoming tests. Undaunted, Falluga now had over 7 subjects on which to test his treatment.

The Early Experiment – Norway

Flaaksgaang & Falluga (F&F) travelled by burro through deep snow to the darkest woods of Norway in early 1954 with their 7 test subjects. Placing 2 subjects at distances of 2, 4 and 20 feet from trees, F&F were hoping to establish a TDM or “tree distance matrix” for the cure.
Unfortunately, one of the 20ft subjects left in the night, complaining of the cold, so Falluga joined the remaining subject, Anneka Juilius, in the tent for the next week of the study. (see biography regarding first child)

As predicted, the subjects closest to the tree who had dandruff (1) (One) had dandruff no longer. The two subjects who were 4 (four) feet away from a tree had some positive results and the two subjects at 20 feet, Falluga himself and former Miss Norway, Anneka asked for another week in the tent.

After the week ended, neither of them had dandruff. Skeptics charge that the extra week has some relevance in this outcome but the negative energy is unwelcome and besides the point. In a letter to his father in India, Falluga had written that his dandruff had cleared up after only ONE DAY (1 DAY!) in the tent.

More Studies – Paris

Anneka’s father flew her by private helicopter, April 1953, to Paris.
Falluga followed, needing to conduct further tests with Anneka.

More Studies – Weehauken

Anneka was taken to Weehauken, New Jersey, USA in the middle of the night.
Two days later, Falluga, borrowing the money from Flaaksgaang, went AWOL and found himself in Weehauken, New Jersey, USA.

Less than one month before the birth of their first (of eight) child, Falluga patented his Tree Therapy with the U.S. Patent Office, patent: #1009849938-b99

Tree Therapy – Method

The medical establishment in addition to the CAM establishment were not welcoming to Falluga’s treatment, so much was not known about the methodology until the middle of last year when his grandson, Dag, published his first children’s book “Norway is for Fun!” and outlined the therapy in an article for the “Burbank Naturalist”.

Here are the steps outlined in Dag’s treatise:
1. Wash hair throughly in a tincture of honey, water, baking soda & honeywater.
2. Stand with back to tree, breathe in the beauty of nature.
3. Raise arms to “creator”, palms upward.
4. Take 4-15 steps from tree, feeling the connection and spirit inside. (if connection feels broken, start from step 3, not 2).
5. When directed to by inner voice (or fence) stop, turn and face the tree and sit cross legged.
6. If a tent is available have it pitched.
7. Wash hair with warm apple cider vinegar
8. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Dandruff = None.