for the life of me, unhealthy i couldn’t remember my username, sick etc., patient so i haven’t been posting.

i magically figured it out, obviously. hoorah.

bukowsica! is going great guns. i hadn’t gone for a couple of weeks and i went last friday and it has gotten better. i have the most rockin’ cast. they keep adding stuff to their parts but not shticky crap. they’re adding stuff in the good way. the way that fills it for us, the audience, and fills it for them so they keep it fresh and interesting.

they’ve dropped in to this really wonderful confident mode… a “watch and learn” sort of vibe that I always *try* to go for when I work. They take us on a ride. it is a joy to watch. i’m so proud of the show and so happy that we caught lightning in the bottle.

i had five friends have kids in one week: darren, zero, steven, john and larry. pretty amazing. steven, of course, is the lead in bukowsica! and was cool enough to make sure they had their kid on thursday so he could make the big shoe on friday. when he took the gig, he and his wife had a pow wow about making sure it was cool with her that he would be able to do the show soon after her delivery.

the other good news about bukowsica! is that it looks like we’re going to expand it and, perhaps, go mainstage with it this fall. it is a big PERHAPS right now, but it sure seems like it would be foolish not to do it. The shoe has gotten great reviews and has been selling out friday nights at 11pm. imagine if it played during real human hours.

just… imagine!!!

speaking of rock, i finished bass tracks for the thornbirds’ cd. somehow, russ had erased leon and don’t let it end, so i schlepped out to simi and redid ’em. i did leon in one take and would’ve gotten don’t let it end in one except “tripped” over some strings.

most of the vocals and guitars are completed and it’s just a matter of lighting a fire under russ to get it to jim for mixing. i think there are around 20 songs.

how cool would it be for an unknown indie band to release a double album as their 2nd cd?

it would be stupid cool, that’s how cool!!!

we’re slowly getting stuff fixed in the house. i finally put up the things in our bedroom closet and have some other projects that i’m looking forward to kinda sorta doing within the next week or so.

yesterday, i directed some more burlesque videos for lili von schtupp. it was an early day (6am call) and we had 6 dancers to do and we actually finished a little earlier than we thought we might. jessie is going to edit most of them and lili hopes to sell them online for $2.95 downloads. who knows? i hope it takes off. i like the money and it’s fun to be around boobies all day.

we shot at the hudson theater and the guy behind the counter recognized me for SECURITY EDITION!!!!! how cool is that?!?! very cool. that’s how cool.

in other news, i started seeing a headshrinker. depression, stress, anxiety and the impending mid-life crisis. i’ve been looking down the barrel of some weird shit in the past year and it will be nice to talk to someone who isn’t a dick.

i had an amazing time trying to find someone. at the very least it’s a short film.

speaking of short films… i did two short films with the word “gay” in the title, so between those and the appearance on will y grace, there is a discussion on imdb postulating what i may or may not do with my or others’ penes.

that’s the kind of spontaneous rumor i need to get ahead!