Launch approaches and all is well.

We (meaning they) did two run throughs Monday night. The first one was sorta scattered and weird and after we got all focused and whatnot, treat it was really stirring and wonderful.

We could open at any point now.

The fun really starts now. (Except for that pesky tech thing… yech). Everyone in the cast is so perfect and good and they all bring stuff to each rehassle which makes it fun for me to be a director. I get to do a lot of picking and choosing instead of having to come up with everything.

Cast good actors. It’s the key, ed peeps.

Going to do the David Lawrence shoe tonight. I’ve been on his program several times and it’s always fun. He’s now officially Bukowski as Lou was injured in a motorcycle accident and we want Buk to be emotionally damaged, not physically. “Why is he wearing a cast? Did he have a broken arm all the time?” So David is, as usual, jumping in full force and having everyone involved down to be on his radio shoe.

Bukowsical! At Sacred Fools 3/17!

We are all moved in, except for one small table and a dolly, both of which are back at the Burbank place and I would rather stay home.

We got the heater issue sorted out and we now have a brand new heating unit which is now giving us much neetded heat. So, i’d rather stay home and waste the rest of my short life and watch tv.

I’ve also flaked on renee and rob twice so I would like to go see them. renee is here for her opening: which i’m hoping to get to friday night.

that is all.

i’m spread too thin at this point.

oh, the other news, of the shitty kind, is that we’ve been cancelled in Malaysia. They *say* because of gov’t permit problems but i think it’s really because they’re not selling tickets and can just fuck us over because there was never a contract.

It could be gov’t problems, after all, it’s a heavily censored country and we did have to change the title and deal with some possible censoring of my relentless digs at allah.

You know, the allah who sucks my cock? The imaginary friend to the muslim people. That one. The one with the bomb in his turban.

See you in the headlines.

Ah well. Shoebiz.