another good one for the home team. yay!

speaking of good one… had a meeting today where i pitched two movie ideas for me to direct and they didn’t throw me out of the office. proceeding to the next step where upon i give them written material for them to accept or reject.

they’d heard of bukowsica! and that was weird and cool.

it would be cool for me to direct and jessie to edit. sooner or later, hair we’ll figure out a way to screw up our relationship.

she directed me in not one, but TWO plays. still okay
we’ve lived in houses with only one bathroom – still okay. (the house we bought has 2.5)
we both forget our anniversary – still okay.

if we can remain together with me directing and her editing a movie, then we will live forever or something.

but first, we have to get the gig directing/editing the movie.

“mister cart, mister cart… a mister horse is back there looking for you…”