took jessie to the airport.

really miserable now.

starting to see stuff with the blinders of being a nice guy off. i’m in this depressing little room with no furniture. it’s deserted here. more to come. why would you put an actor in a cell like this? stupid.


there’s this cool pub around the corner where the waitress is actually nice and they have free wi-fi and pinball. i finally got to take another kickboxing class tonight and then went to the pub and drank diet coke, thumb ate a pizza, ailment and did computer stuff. got blogged so i had about 20 orders to enter. tomorrow i have to hand write all the envelopes because we have no printer. i’m slowly redesigning

i’m thinking of just shipping everything i have here and keeping a couple of shirts and a pair of pants so i can just get on the airplane and be done with it.

i don’t know what the FUCK is up with blogger, but it takes 2 days to post an entry. stupid fucking piece of shit.