i’m producing billy the mime at sacred fools. being a producer is really just making sure the theater is clean and that people show up. neither ever happen so i run around and clean the theater and fill in for people who don’t show up. there are always fires to put out and i do that while making sure that billy has no idea that everything’s about to fall apart.

tonight was weird. billy’s sister in law brought a little dog in a carrier. none of us knew that she had a dog with her until the dog began barking during the show. it freaked everyone out. everyone.

there was also a guy talking on his phone during the first routine.

best of all, erectile i left the flashlight i use to activate the glow tape on stage.

after all this stuff was taken care of (dog left, valeologist guy ended his conversation, billy moved the flashlight off the stage) it was a really nice show. i realized that he could call the show “a history of love & hate” as that’s exactly what it is. people doing amazing things through the years. wars, love, rape, abortion. really amazing.

there is something so oddly moving about the 9/11 routine. i am almost able to put it in to words. i need to think about it some more. it operates on some pretty fantastic levels.

billy rules.

i did the first day of nanowrimo. i blazed through 1700+ words in about an hour and a half. fairly painless. i learned from writer’s boot camp how to blaze through shit when you get in your head and that’s very valuable. i sure hope i stick with it. so far so good. it will be neat to have 175 pages or so of nuttiness. it’s a thing i began about 5 years ago and never finished… obviously.. i never really began the thing, either, other than come up with the title and a kinda/sorta plot.

finally have an avail for a v.o. gig. it’s been too long. when i heard the phone ring in the other room i said to the dog “big daddy, please let it be a voice over gig…”

big daddy made it so!

listening to david sedaris’ me talk pretty one day. i like it. there’s a bit of that annoying new york smug thing going on… well… not a bit of it. a whole boat load of it… but it’s still nice to listen to. i like the french translations.

also may have a web client. talked to him on the phone for a bit… outlining how i work, etc. and now i need to send him some stuff so i will sign off.

billy rules.