saturday was the big fund raising shoe at the sacred fools theater y casino. i don’t know how much money they raised but there was:

1. lots of fun
b. lots of me

I hosted the 1st hour; introducing a guy doing a one person shoe about dating, viagra love, link etc. I aksed the audience to turn their cell phones off. I demonstrated by turning mine off so they could all see me turn my phone off.

About 1/2 hour in to the performance which i was watching from the front row (as always), I moved my jacket and my phone fell out during a very tender moment of the piece. then, during an even more tender moment of the piece, my phone rang.

i have no idea. what i do know is this: i am a cock.

the night before the fundraiser, friday, saw tawny fere: rockula co-star, show up at the big shoe. her husband’s friend was going to fill in on drums saturday so they came to see the big shoe. she had no idea i was ass-ociated with the shoe and it was cool to see her and cool to chew the fat with her.

The night before, I had gone to a fund raiser at the playboy mansion for the Marijuana Policy Project and spent the evening talking to my old buddy Julie McCullough. She was friends with Tawny back in the day and we had talked about her so that was cool to see her the following night.

Small, weird, little world…

back to the matter at hand…

The Bukowsica! performances are getting better and better. The cast is completely on fire and Steven is now hitting each and every beat perfectly. It is astonishing how good the shoe is. It’s so good, we need to change stuff to make it better because they deserve a better shoe. Holy crap, they’re good.

We get honest-to-gosh standing ovations and real, actual encore curtain calls where they keep applauding until the cast comes back out and takes another bow. It is pretty nifty.

After Saturday’s Bukowsica!, Victor and I did a SpamScam performance. It was nice to do the shoe again. We *should* be in Malaysia right now, but we were cancelled. They said it was a combination of their shitass government not giving them permits and their most recent shoe not selling enough tickets.

Either way you slice it, they sorta fucked us over. We were going to make a couple grand each and they didn’t even offer us any sort of buy-out.

Get a contract immediately, folks. That’s my advice.

So we did a performance of SpamScamScam and it pretty much killed even though we were a tiny bit rusty and we didn’t have Aaron on lights.

We’re confirmed, however, for the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal in July. They’re doing a special thing just for us and are gonna push the show. It is really cool and a really big deal.

We’re also confirmed for the Brick Theater Festival in June though we don’t have dates set, at this point. It will be really nice to be in NYC. I think we’ll have a bit of down time, ass well, since it doesn’t seem like we’ll be doing shoes every night like other festivals.

The Brick is in Wiliamsburg… Brooklyn… New York City, basically. It’s a couple train stops. I’m looking forward to being in the city in June. Too bad it’s just another city now.

Fuckin’ shitheads.

Last night we watched a doc about a production of a Sam Shepard play wot he directed in NYC in 2000 and it really made me yearn and itch for that acting thing. It was like watching a documentary about the boat that I missed a long time ago. Depressing. It’s always interesting to see how actors/directors/writers go through the same shit, no matter what level they’re on. Pretty amazing.

To that end, today I read for the part of a guy who pays a teenager to get girls to fuck on a tv program called without a trace. after my first pass of the short scene, the director said “that is a really interesting way to play the scene. surprisingly effective, actually…” and then aksed me to do it with “more menace”. I don’t know if he was stroking me or trying to be nice or what. there was a robert davi type guy sitting in the waiting room who seems like the way they’ll go if they want menace. i figure if i was buying teenager sex in a hotel, i’d be as nice as possible and try to make the little girls i was going to fuck as comfy as possible.

anyway. it seems like that’s another gig i won’t be getting.

man, i never got episodic work. even way back then. i’m always impressed by people who do.

that’s all. it’s been a bit since i’ve written here.

our house is cool beans.