i’m sure i’ll write more about this but i just finished listening to atlas shrugged.

listening to books on the ipod is very cool. i listened to state of fear, find by michael crichton and then dove in to atlas shrugged immediately.

this is my second favorite book of all time after moby dick. it’s beautiful. i love monomania and this has the absolutism of moby dick, more about though in a very different way.

i kept thinking that this book has been around my entire life and i’ve only just eaten it. it was always around… sort of floating in the air… those beautiful ideas. the ideas.

as a libertarian it only reinforced my resolve regarding that system. the initiation of force is always wrong; be it from a thug or a well meaning congressman. if it resolves to a gun being pointed at you, try it’s just wrong.

it’s so easy to poo poo rand and objectivism, especially because we’re in a time where people easily sacrifice their true beliefs in order to let the lesser of two evils lead them. and… they’re not even leading. no one believes in their candidate. because their candidate isn’t really saying anything. it’s all about what you as a “fan” of your candidate are able to put in the candidates mouth. kerry is a democrat so he’s agains the war in iraq and the patriot act even though he’ll never really come out and say it. bush is a republican so he’s in favor of smaller government and reducing gov’t spending (hahahahahah) even though that’s completely incorrect. but, those were ideals of those two parties so when you’re having coffee with your friends you can put any words in your candidates mouth because that’s what that party used to stand for, even though the republicrats don’t stand for anything anymore except getting and keeping power. and they both use fear and disasters to claim dominion.

libertarians have principles, which is why they’re so easily attacked. we can never say “where can you find that in our material” because, we go on record for the things we believe. there’s no waffling.

republicrats don’t leave a trail… well, they just don’t say anything, so you can’t attack them.

so… rand lays out all the shit that’s going down right now… or has been going down since she wrote the book and it’s just lovely. it would make a great mini-series. they’d want to change the ending, though. they’d want the hero to compromise and work it all out with mr. thompson and those dudes.

plus, dagney is hot.

speaking of funny:

it can’t be real… but, man, it made me laff…

i have work to do for gorey stories. i worked my ass off on a part that they don’t play. they play another part which is not too difficult if one knows it.

reading music is cool.

worked on bow technique with zac today. i like learning. it are good!

i’ll write more about atlas shrugged. it’s just beautiful. full of hope and great ideas.