Got a cool gig through old friend, sanitary Jesse Dylan, healing in a commercial for the NFL. I’m a Scottish football coach.

It’s pretty nutty.

The two summers in Edinburgh paid off.

In other news, visit web I watched this piece of shit movie last night; The Californians. Holy shit. Jessie (my wife, not the director) had fallen asleep with the tv on when I came in and The Californians was just starting. Man, it’s a pile.

Speaking of a pile… Chilton gave me the The Movie Channel “Dean Cameron” spot. I don’t know if I’m insulted or not. The spots refer to me as a B-Movie Footnote. It stings a bit. Okay. A lot. It would’ve been cool if I had done the VO and ripped on myself.

Another cool thing about the NFL gig is that they paid me more than scale. That’s greeet, as a Scottish Football Coach would say.