at a commercial audition yesterday, viagra sale i read with rosalie mayieux who played my mom in ‘outer space’. also there was david naughton who i’d worked with on my sister sam. small world.

it’s so weird, sales when talking about the business, rx everyone shakes their head like showbiz was a guy they knew in high school who seemed like such a great guy but turned out to be a child rapist.

we all seem absolutely astonished that we work and that we used to work a lot. it’s like we come from another planet… ‘yes, my sonny jim, on earth, there was as much acting work as the day is long… roles just sitting there on trees; ripe for the pickin’, laddy…. a man could work 8 or 9 weeks a year and ride around town in a wheelbarrow full of cash… tossing phone calls out to agents and managers who were all lined up on those golden streets, ready to hand you a contract and an assfull of smoke… yes, my chippy, thems were the days, alrighty!”

my “novel” is exactly where it should be after three days: sucking like a gay leech at a glory hole. what was i thinking? ah well. might ass well finish it!