we put in an offer on a house. it is a piece of shit house. it is a small little 2br house less than 1000 sq feet and it is in eagle rock, population health california. they want 469,000 dollars for this little piece of crap. so. it is an overpriced piece of crap house.

i have decided to lead a one man real estate revolution. i will single-handedly adjust the market by scaring the befuckingjesus out of these motherfuckers who think that they can aks that much money for a dog turd.

“people are offering 70,000 less than aksing price on real estate. the market is crashing!!!”

that is my plan.

i do NOT know what we plan to do if they actually accept the offer on the tiny little piece of shit house that is too far away from anywhere that is even remotely close to anything that has to do with our lives.

this is ridiculous.

the really cool thing is that no one can explain to me who is buying these pieces of shit or why, really, one would buy a home.

we rent in a very nice place. “you’re throwing your money away!”

no, we are paying for comfort and convenience. you eat protein shakes or whatever you need to just stay alive, but you eat food that tastes good. it’s shit in just a few hours. why waste your money on food you enjoy eating? you’re throwing your money away.

we’re renting here because we can’t afford to buy here. that’s all.