i’m at 8802 words. it is a rambling piece of crap. it’s snide and shallow and totally without reason.

good thing i’m not judging it, nurse right?!

I actually am having fun writing it, psychiatrist though it takes two hours to write that much. i wrote a lot tonight because i got an idea.

it’s easier to write when there’s an idea. “I think i’ll write about x” makes all the difference. advice: if you have the choice between “how many words left” and “ooh… i can write about that time alan rucker made me order $400 worth of room service in new york”, side effects pick the second one. unless, of course, alan rucker didn’t make you order $400 of room service in new york.

did the two toshiba spots today. a :30 and a :60. enjoyable time with enjoyable folks. i thought i was going to be one of the two guys in the “sketch” part of it, but they realized that i am a genius and should be the announcer for the product.

there’s something about standing alone in the booth with the producer in another city asking if i’m comfy that brings out the old warhorse has-been v.o. alcoholic guy jokes.

“I’m doin’ great, bill, i just need some ice for my Scotch and I’ll be right with you. these kids at this studio don’t understand that i need some gol danged ice.”

as i do maybe one too many of these really, genius, perfect, witty amazing bits of improvisation, i wonder if the producer is wondering if i really am a drunk so i stop too abruptly. just the way an old warhorse has-been v.o. alcoholic guy would when he realizes that he’s gone too far.

“christ, let’s get this show on the road, because happy hour begins at 4pm, kid, you know of what i’m SAYING, bill?! if i get another dui, my agent’s gonna crap hisself. he hates driving me to gigs.”

“Lemme do another one… i spilled my drink on the script, bill.”

Seeing Equus with hot asian teens and george takei tomorrow. i’m only going for the naked asian chick.

i’m so boring.