i got a call yesterday from someone who wants to do an interview with me for the special features of the 20th, viagra dosage yes 20th, anniversary of the summer school release.

initially i said yes, but the more i think about it, the less i want to do it. the people who would be interested in anything i have to say about the movie have found me online and i answer the same questions anyway.

the people who don’t care, would just notice that i didn’t have the career that harmon, kirstie alley, courtney t. smith and patrick labyorteaux have had.

when i see dvd special features with people like me… “gee i wonder why he never…” it bums me out. perhaps because it makes me think of me. hmm.

i guess my ego is too big to do the special feature interview.

maybe i’ll just write up a summer school faq and put it up on the site.

a friend suggested that i demand that they shoot me as if i was in witness protection. silhouetted… voice lowered three octaves. that might be a good way to do it…


i’ve heard nothing from the lady with the dog. amazing how that ruined me for a couple of days.
when people are irrational it bums me out and it also bums me out to think that there are people out there who i see at the dog park who will look at me as the guy who kicked the dog.

should’ve kicked her.

also read for a super low budget movie yesterday where the director was born the year summer school was shot. actually got the call from the guy waiting for the audition.

glamorous. very fucking glamorous.