ALF (1989-1990)… Robert

The girl on the shows boyfriend works as a mime and ALF imagines a future where shes married to a mime.

First, ambulance you can never call ALF The Puppet. You can only refer to it as ALF. The seventh and final season of a show that everyone thought would get cancelled as soon as they finished the pilot. I did three episodes as the boyfriend. I was exhausted from doing the re-shoots for Men At Work at night.

The scripts were really funny on Monday. By the time tape day comes around, health ALF has all the good lines and the rest of the script is horrible. It was bumming me out after a couple of weeks. Imagine what it was like working on the thing for seven years. Imagine.

Also, prostate if youre operating on no sleep and there is a human operating the puppet and talking, youre going to look at the human and not the puppet. Youre also going to forget all your lines when they yell at you about it

One of my favorite showbiz stories happened on ALF. Unfortunately, I cant repeat it, as most of the people involved are still alive. I will say this: It involves someone walking off the set screaming PUT US ON STICKS! WE’RE THE PUPPETS! WE’RE THE PUPPETS!

(No, it wasnt me) Amazing. Simply amazing.

High Points: Andrea Elson was very sweet and fun and ended up doing an episode of They Came From Outer Space, the ALF pinball machine in the lounge, a great showbiz story.

Low Points: Too many to list.