Ski School

Ski School (1991) …. Dave Marshak

After Men At Work and Rockula did nothing and the deal at Paramount went nowhere, viagra order I was really bummed. I had a lousy attitude about the entertainment industry (which is still true, check don’t get me wrong) and couldn’t get a gig to save my life (see previous parenthetical). To top it all off, my relationship with my girlfriend at the time was dying a miserable death. Bad, bad, bad times.

This offer came along and they were paying some pretty good coin and I got to get out of town for a few weeks.

There was an actual screenplay that had some funny stuff in it but seemed really slapped together. Upon arrival in Vancouver, BC, I learned that the producers had basically sold the title “Ski School” and had about three months to deliver a movie. The script was written rather quickly and boom, we were in Vancouver, making a movie.

The original script focused a lot more on the romance of the “leads”.

I had worked with Patrick Labyorteaux a couple of times so we had lots of fun and we both instantly bonded with Stuart Fratkin. We realized we were making a piece of crap and decided to just have fun. After about a week, one of the producers and the “writer” had us up to his room to come up with “funny scenes”. Helium Theatre, Birth of the Lambada, Subliminal Hypnosis, Godzeera, Whose Underwear Is This?, are just some of the comic gems that we mined that fateful Canadian night I tell you.

After principal photography was shot, they put the movie together in a very rough assembly, wrote ANOTHER script to make the stuff kinda sorta make sense, and then did some more shooting in L.A. almost a year later.

This is the first movie that I thought no one would ever see which ended up in a virtual loop on cable.

All that being said, it was a really fun time and my relationship with Stuart Fratkin evolved into us getting our own TV Series later that year.

High Points: Free trip to Canada, Stuart Fratkin, Charlie Spradling’s Genaustahagens, Darlene Vogel’s Genaustehagens, Patrick Labyorteaux, Super Mario Bros. 1&2, getting away from Hollywood, Canadians destroying their own country when the Vancouver team won a playoff hockey game, Stuart Fratkin screaming “I’M NOT BONER” in the middle of the Whistler Village town square to Canadians who insisted that he was “Boner from Growing Pains”.

Low Points: Being in Canada, being in a movie called “Ski School”, the script, the lead actor, Canadians, Drunk Canadians, Stoned Canadians, shooting a ski movie with no snow, the Stanley Cup playoff riot when Vancouver won the playoff game.