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If you're here, it's because I've sent you a resume in search of some sort of gainful employment. My main site, DeanCameron.com had originally been built from scratch. You're looking at pages created while going through various "teach yourself css" books from the Library. Mainly "Bullet Proof CSS" (which isn't completely bulletproof, I must say...)

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My first pages were cobbled together from the hosting I had at Pacbell back in 1996. Before that, I was on Netcom and used Pine to read the news with my blazing 1200 baud modem and first accessed the world wide web with something called "The Internet Adaptor. Around 1999, I began working with colin summers on tightcircle.com and used server side includes and basic html (.shtml for the includes to work) to create my first set of pages so people who knew me from my work in the movies and t.v. could locate me on the web and ask me the same 5 questions.

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The tightcircle.com experience was an introduction by fire for both of us. For him, it was the programming language TCL and AOLserver with some really intense Oracle backend that he farmed out to professionals. For me, it was learning how to write html for a database backed web site. A skill that has kept me from the soup lines since.

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We also created "the felix" a site that allowed managers & agents to use the magic of the internet to send their clients audition and work info. It was a bit ahead of its time. I'm convinced that if my managers had DSL at their offices, "the felix" would be industry standard. Ah well. After that, Rocktober 2000, I was hired as email producer at iWin.com and had an amazing experience there for just under three years. I made a lifelong friend in Robert Chilton, who is also a designer I work with on the odd freelance gig.

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iWin changed hands many times and after the sale of that, and the ensuing severance, good voice over years and unemployment, I began performing a show called "The Nigerian Spam Scam Scam", which detailed my correspondence with a Nigerian 419 Scammer. We've literally travelled around the world performing it. I dove into PHP/MySql (though the single vs. double quotes vex me to this day) Thanks to Robert Chilton, I also worked at another online games site for just about a year on their email campaigns in more of a hands on coding position, but still with some creative input. They were nice enough to sell the company and move, pretty much without letting anyone know what they were doing. I'm a hardcore pro-business nut, but sometimes I have to give my hippie friends a nod.

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Around 2004, I had interviewed for a position at legalzoom.com about a 5 weeks before I was supposed to head to Edinburgh, Scotland for a month to perform "The Nigerian Spam Scam" at the comedy festival there, so as much as we both wanted it to work out, it didn't... But, the genius (literally) in charge of tech there, eddie hartman, kept in touch and finally, January 2, 2007, I started there as part of a team hired to quickly integrate their new look & feel. It was initially going to be a two month gig but I was lucky enough to hang on there until Rocktober of 2007. I worked with three really great people, Bobbie, Charles & Beth. Really, really smart and helpful. Working with them made me step it up and my coding got better. I also began chomping to get more involved in back-end web development.

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So... this last year, 2008, found me back at Colin's studio. Both of us drinking from the Ruby & Ruby on Rails kool-aid. We built a site, ComedyFilmNerds.com as a test to see what it could do (a lot!), though my Screen Actors Guild brain didn't completely grasp the programming part of it. I drifted over to the front end and drinking the other kool-aid of laying out pages with CSS, instead of tables, spacer gifs and duct tape.

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I made the switch to the mac last year, partially because it seemed like the thing to do, and partially so I could use Textmate. I have coded in Microsoft's Visual Interdev and used SourceSafe and various other interCapped tools. Textmate is really cool and I get the benefit of feeling like an idiot each and every day as there's always something cool to learn. Speaking of that... One of the reasons I get such a kick out of coding is because of my years in showbiz: The amount of effort in showbiz often had nothing to do with the result, which is the opposite of coding. There is a correlation between effort and payoff and I surely do love that. Though I still make a nice living doing voice-overs for radio & television commercials, I also enjoy the structure and environment of a regular job as I'm sure it keeps my brain from turning to absolute mush.

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