The Killing Box

Killing Box, surgeon The (1993) …. Borne

Aka Gray Knight, order etc. This seemed like a good idea. George Hickenlooper, pancreatitis hot off the success of the Apocalypse Now! documentary, was to direct a sort of thriller set against the Civil War. Adrian Pasdar and Corbin Bernsen were cast in the leads. Again, seemed like a fine idea at the time. There were two others who were hot from the success of “One False Move” Cynda Williams and Billy Bob Thornton.

This was produced by the fine folks who brought you Miserable Beach and I had remained friends with Brad Jenkel. He aksed if I wanted to do a small part in this and, since it was George Hickenlooper, I jumped at the chance.

There were four or five other small soldier parts that were in the first 20 pages before the main characters were introduced. I figured (correctly) that we’d never make the final cut.

I liked George Hickenlooper a lot. He was a sweet guy. I think though, that he was trying to make a different movie than they wanted.

Here’s one of my favorite self-deprecating showbiz stories:

Matt LeBlanc was doing one of the other little parts. (this is before “Friends”) He had done a couple of TV series for the Fox Network, and they had both died sad deaths. He hadn’t gotten any good reviews really and I remember sitting in the million degree heat out in the middle of nowhere looking at him and thinking “Well, you know, my career may be in the shit hole, but I sure am glad I’m not that Matt LeBlanc guy… what the fuck is he gonna do? He is truly fucking OVER!”

He who laughs last and all that…

High Points: George Hickenlooper, Billy Bob Thornton’s rants about all the fake people in Hollywood, civil war re-enactors refusing to be in a scene because a guy was riding a horse who would never be riding a horse.

Low Points: Sitting on a hill in a wool civil war uniform in 110 degree weather feeling like a loser.

written 1/03/02