Sleep With Me

Sleep with Me (1994) …. Leo

A tremendous time. Surrounded by really good actors and really talented writers. Realized that I didn’t have to work so hard to make stuff work. If it’s well written, resuscitation it works all by itself. Bonus that the movie got accepted into the little competition, “Un Certain Regard”, at the Cannes Film Festival. Went to France to be a part of that.

During the two weeks I worked on the movie, I spent all my time in a wheelchair. Turns out that no one ever really sees that the character is in a wheelchair until the very end of the movie. Some say it’s a very thoughtful, well designed reveal, others say it’s just sloppy directing. Who knows?

High Points: Working with really good actors on a good script.

Low Points: Night shoots, my trip to France.

written 1/03/02