Ski School II – Electric Boogaloo

Ski School II (1995) …. Dave Marshak

Back to Whistler B.C. for what was called by MovieLine Magazine “the most unnecessary sequel”. I actually liked the script but, stuff you know, I also needed the money. I started this the day after returning from the Cannes Film Festival for Sleep With Me. Shooting this was not a great time. Although Bil Dwyer who plays the Fitz/Ed character remains a friend and is one of my favorite comedians. If Miracle Beach made me realize how much I hated doing lousy movies, this one cemented it for me.

High Points: Tossing paper airplanes off the hotel balcony with Bil Dwyer, Bil Dwyer’s daily “Canadian Frustration”, Big Will Sasso’s Green Day tape, endlessly making fun of “Go For A Soda”, the cast was really cool.
Low Points: I was doing Ski School II. Nuff said.

written 1/03/02