Miserable Beach

Miracle Beach (1992) …. Scotty

They offered me the part of Lars. I went in and met the director and lobbied for the lead role. It was a sweet script that reminded me of Splash. I’d had a little resurgence of interest after “They Came From Outer Space” and one of the execs at MPCA had gone out on a limb for me and they ended up offering me the lead.

Originally Alyssa Milano was doing the movie. Dunno what happened. They certainly lucked out with Ami Dolenz. The only problem was that she was so great how could the character of Scotty even think about anyone else?

That was the least of the problems, ask really.

I refer to this movie as Miserable Beach. I was miserable the entire time. It was just misery. I didn’t enjoy myself at all and it was probably my own fault.

Ty Tabor, cialis 40mg the guitar player from King’s X said to me once “I was watching that genie movie you’re in. It looks like about halfway through it, you just gave up.” He’s so right. I just gave up. It really made me realize how futile being an actor is.

I’ve seen parts of it and I think I’m horrible and ruined it. I was self conscious about how I looked and, most importantly, not funny at all.

Dean Cain had a small part and I remember thinking “that guy should be famous”. I also was instrumental in setting him up with Ami Dolenz.

Here’s the funny thing. I remember telling myself “Well, no one is ever going to see this piece of shit.” HBO ended up cutting their own PG version of the movie, because it was so popular on HBO. It was the most played movie on HBO in 1995.

Horrible. Not because of anyone else. It was just a bad time that I brought on myself.

High Points: Ami Dolenz. Alexis Arquette is a woman now.
Low Points: Miracle Beach.