Highball (1997) …. Don The Magician 

This was directed by Noah Baumbach, rheumatologist the man who brought you Kicking and Screaming. I was supposed to be in Mr. Jealousy, read more but, phimosis due to some scheduling snafu, I wasn’t. This was shot in Brooklyn in one week with extra film from Mr. Jealousy. All the rooms were pre-lit and the camera was on a Uni-Pod. Really fast and dirty. I’d worked on the magic routine with a genius magician friend, Jamy Ian Swiss, and did the actual routine in one take. Amazing. Lots of fun. The script is insane and the Carlos Jacott stuff at the end is really, really creepy. 

I also wrote a really fucked up song that plays over my magic routine. Weird. 

High Points: Working with fun people, making fun of David Copperfield, doing card tricks with Jamy Ian Swiss, chatting with Chris Eigeman

Low Points: It was cold? 

written 1/03/02

edited 1/09/02