Hi-Life (1998) …. Santa/Simon 

One of the best screenplays I’ve ever read. One of my favorite performances. Thanks to the lab screwing up the negative, I got to go back to NYC and shoot my scenes again. I imagine this is very cool if you’re only in a few scenes. Loved working with Campbell Scott. Great guy. Roger Hedden, the writer/director was one of the writers on Sleep With Me and was nice enough to offer me the part of the angry, drunken Santa Claus. Great fun. One of my ten bazillion “Stoltz Era” projects. 

High Points: The brawl on the flight to NYC between two drunks in First Class, working in NYC, hearing Campbell Scott make fun of Day of the Dolphin, Roger Hedden, getting to shoot my scenes again, working in NYC.

Low Points: Shooting outside at 3am in December in NYC, having to shoot my scenes again, a car ride up Broadway in my friend Kramer’s car where I was sure that I was going to die. 

written 1/03/02