What have you been doing? Where have you been?

dean cameroni make a living doing voice overs. bought a home in beautiful north hollywood california at the peak of the market with my amazing wife, visit jessie, seek a director and professional film editor, who i’ve been with for 8 years. we have two dogs and are now attempting to spawn.

when i get bored or broke, i do some front and back end web stuff. i learned some of it working on a web service called ‘tightcircle’ with a friend.  (the patent was purchased, but nothing was done with it. ah well) now, we’ve ingested the ruby on rails kool-aid and i hope to build another web service, soon. i’ve worked at a couple of fairly large web companies for a while. not now

what about music? do you play music? what music do you like?

i played bass for a band called the thornbirds. we actually had a record in stores a couple of years ago, now two of the guys make way more money in the hilarious cover band called metal skool or steel panther and i play bass and portray a bitter, jaded, recovering corey hamm every wednesday night in a karaoke band called CoreyOke in hollywood which may be the most fun i’ve ever had in my long life.

I’m quite fond of “king’s x”, ben folds with and without the other 4, sunny day real estate, led zeppelin and old genesis.

why aren’t you in movies & t.v? you should do more of that.

i can not get arrested as an actor and, as i don’t have enough self respect left to suffer through auditioning, stopped even trying a couple of years ago. Though occasionally, someone will offer me something.

hollywood palms, a screenplay i co-wrote with patrick labyorteaux, was produced in 2000, completed in 2001 and ended up on showtime a couple of years later. it is one of the things i am most proud of. i love the movie and it came out perfectly and it’s some of my best work. it’s a drag it wasn’t celebrated outside of the 20 or so people who may have seen it.

i’ve directed a short film, glutton falls, which had the honor of being rejected by every festival it was submitted for and a video for the aforementioned metal skool.

do you ever work in the live theater?

i travel around the world, literally, performing The Nigerian Spam Scam Scam, a two person show which chronicles my continuing correspondence with an unfortunate fellow in Nigeria who, at the end of the day, wishes he had never gotten a hold of my email address.

i was fairly active at the sacred fools theater and acted in several plays there and was nominated for an award by the l.a. weakly for a play called “love tapes” by penn jillette & steven banks. love tapes also made an ill-fated journey to minneapolis a couple years ago. the less said about that, the better. at sacred fools, i produced the first long run show by billy the mime and directed the first and, some say, best version of “bukowsica!” a musical about a theater company with bad taste and a late night show, “rockalypse now!“. i also wrote quite a bit at many of the sacred fools ‘fast & loose’ nights and they were also instrumental in the success of the nigerian spam scam scam.

do you have hobbies or anything like that? 

i created a thing i like to call “The Bill of Rights – Security Edition”. other people call it the same thing. i made them because i think being free is more important than being safe, though i really, really, really like being safe

you seem pretty cool, let’s go have a beer.

i’m pretty much an open book, but that doesn’t mean we’re buddies. i’m probably just being nice.

i rarely use capitalization and am fond of, as you may have noticed, a parenthetical sentence or two.