Dean Cameron Buttons

Thanks to the Jesse Hawthorne Ficks, pancreatitis I went to the Alamo Drafthouse in San Francisco for an evening of people just digging on me.
sksbutt ssbutt
I’ll write more about that later, symptoms but there were buttons made and, since I’ve returned, people have been wondering where to acquire these babies.

Well… wonder no more.

I’m charging a little more than cost to pay the legal fees for me selling buttons with my own unauthorized image on them.


Both Buttons

Summer School Buttons

Ski School Buttons

Movie Sneak Podcast

Some people who have a hand in my career believe that the key to me getting roles in movies and television is having a hit podcast.


I think that getting people to see me for roles in movies and television or come out and see The Nigerian Spam Scam Scam makes more sense as it’s something that utilizes just about everything I do but a podcast could be interesting.

The Half-Assed Cast was fun while it lasted.

I’m thinking of doing one on my own where I each episode has me “visiting” a place I’ve lived during my journey here on earth.

But, treat until I get off my ass and do that, meningitis I’ve been aksed to be a part of The Movie Sneak podcast. It’s a couple guys who I do not know at all, Craig Jameson & Jim DeLaney. They are a couple of big time movie buffs who know and care way more about show-biz than I do.

The first episode hits the internets 11/2/2015 and the first one I’m in will be unleashed 11/09/2015.

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More info here:

TSA Propaganda

this also appears on

One of the things I’ve said many times on my Tantrum/Art Installation/Political Theater Project, information pills is that we, tablets as adults, this know that being searched everywhere we go is wrong and is completely antithetical to what “Being American” means, and yet our children are growing up in a world where going somewhere and being searched is a given. They are being trained, if you will, to believe that something is odd if there isn’t a search.

They are being taught to play that game that’s so popular now. The “IF I WERE A TERRORIST” game.

You hear people saying it if they go somewhere with large crowds and minimal to no security. “A terrorist could just walk in here and blow this place up.” Most recently, the Edward Snowden “controversy” has seen talk radio guys playing “IF I WERE A TERRORIST”. It goes a little something like this – hit it: “All a terrorist has to do is go somewhere like wikileaks and they have all the information they need to blah blah blah blah blow up blah…”

Propaganda like this article is a great way to get people to start thinking like good citizens. In fact, the article from the Orlando Sentinel says that “A survey of travelers conducted by Valencia College this year found 96 percent were satisfied or very satisfied with their TSA experience…”

Whoop De Frickin Do.

Here’s a rockin logical fallacy from a JetBlue exec:

“…airport officials should not fool themselves into thinking that a switch to a private company would magically make all the lines go away…”

That’s right, citizen. Your overlords know best for you. There is no reason for you to concern yourself with this important business. After all, it’s merely a minor inconvenience when compared to the possibility of the type of evil those big bad terrorists want to perpetrate. Remember: They hate our freedom!

Whew… got that out of my system.

Okay. Here’s some more from the article:

“Officers have discovered an average of about a gun a week so far this year, while checking 37,000 bags. Nineteen guns have been picked up this year, compared with 40 last year. That’s the highest number of guns found at any airport in the state.

During 2011, TSA officers confiscated almost 18,000 prohibited items, not including liquids, and referred 481 passengers to law enforcement, resulting in 57 arrests.”

Those 19 guns are the ones they’ve found, right? If you are human and understand there’s absolutely no way the extremely competent TSA has prevented every gun from being taken on an airplane, you must understand what that means: Guns have been taken on airplanes and NOTHING HAS HAPPENED.

Do I think that guns should be allowed on airplanes? I don’t know. I’m just saying that guns have obviously been brought on airplanes and all is well. Even suggesting that guns should be allowed gives ME the shivers. And I’m a whackjob.

We’re raising our son to be respectful of others. Navigating those who have no respect for anyone is a difficult prospect, especially when those people have the ultimate power.

As you were, citizen. As you were. There’s nothing to see here.


A couple o’ things: has launched.

It’s me rambling aboot stuff while navigating raising a kid as an atheist, heart freedom-loving dad. I try not to take myself too seriously, but sometimes I really ought to. I do that at

The bride and I took the lad to his first 4th Of July fireworks display yesterday. We had a wonderful day in general, having begun at a party at the home of some people from P.E.T. class. The bride has been slammed at work, so it was nice for her to just sit and chat with people.

Regarding fireworks displays though, this is how I think they should be done:

It would be sooooo much cooler!!!

Devastating Budget Cuts

Today I received email propaganda from my local congressperson about the “Devastating Budget Cuts” regarding the latest sky is falling brouhaha that’s going on in the city that shall not be named.

In the very same email, asthma he talked about how he opened two new offices.

I wrote him back congratulating him on being able to open two new offices in the face of “devastating budget cuts”.

Annual Dollar Bill Extravaganza

A couple years ago, nurse I read a good money saving tip:

Save any dollar bills acquired during the day’s activities. This will make you think twice about spending money as the method causes a pack of gum to cost a minimum of five bucks.

Then, more about at the end of the year, physician you have money for an iPad or a bunch of one dollar bills to send to someone who is harassing you about getting paid.

Five Hundred Thirteen Dollar Bills

Five Hundred Thirteen Dollar Bills

SublimeText 2 SIAF snippet

I was watching the free NetTuts (short U sound, prescription oddly) “30 Days to Learn jQuery” series and Jeffery Way uses a SublimeText 2 code snippet “siaf” to quickly insert a self-invoking anonymous function.

If you’re a mac user, save this in
HD>Users>machinename>Library>Application Support>Sublime Text 2>Packages>User with whatever name you like that ends with .sublime-snippet

Grab from <snippet> to </snippet>
I named it siaf.sublime-snippet because I’m clever like that!

// function:



One of those grandma lists

Here’s one of those lists that your grandmother sent you that first week she figured out email.

Without You, I Would Die

1. Without the USDA, Americans would be eating food laced with feces because farmers don’t know how to grow food, or “Big Agra” would force us to eat meat infested with the poop from genetically modified super-rats bred in a nuclear reactor.

2. Without the FAA, Boeing would have a monopoly on airplanes and all airlines would let drunken pilots fly rickety planes.

3. Without labor laws and labor unions, those planes would be manufactured in freezing (in winter) and sweltering (in summer) factories by 10 year child prostitutes earning fifty cents a week while their homeless, unemployed parents fought each other in the streets for coal and radiated rat meat.

4. Without the FCC, the lucky winner of a weekly child-porn-snuff-gameshow broadcast on a fundamentalist Christian pedophile network would be chosen to fly all of the nation’s airplanes.

5. Without the DOE, only the children of Wall Street and Wal-Mart executives would be allowed to attend schools where the curriculum would be crack-smoking, bible study and “non-whites are bad and lie about global warming” taught by anti-government Atheist Christian Islamic child molestors.

6. Without drug laws, labor laws and the FCC, Wal-Mart would force heroin and crack addicted children to compete in televised duels for the opportunity to be crack whores or pilot unsafe airplanes.

7. Without anti-trust laws, Wal-Mart would be the only store. Half of the year they would only sell products made from the skin, blood and hair of Pakistani children for 99 cents. The other six months prices would be raised so high, children would be forced to work as greeters. And prostitutes.

8. Wthout the FDA, “Big Pharma” would manufacture diseases and sell useless, treatments no one could afford at the Wal-Mart pharmacy.

9. Without welfare, “Big Business” will forbid charity and “the poor” would die on your doorstep while you sit in your mansion masturbating to the 24 hour Ayn Rand television channel.

10. Withouth the DOE and teacher’s unions, teachers would be unemployed. Any existing teachers would be shot at by all of the cancerous heroin addicted children issued guns by “big gun” at Wal-Mart.

11. Without the Department of the Interior, roads would only be availble to rich white people and would be paved over the poor using the bones of the aged as filler.

12. Without the TSA, planes would explode upon departure, or landing, depending on the in-flight movie.

13. Without the FAA, airlines would conspire to every plane that didn’t crash arrive 2 hours late. All meals would contain e-coli.

14. Without ‘the government’ there would be no firefighters or police. Only rich white men would have protection, mainly because they would be the only people with roads.

15. Without labor laws, women’s job interviews would consist of gang-rape conducted by Wall Street and Wal-Mart executives. The handicapped would be kicked in the teeth and mocked during skits at company picnics. Lots of general rape, no lunches and the term ‘work week’ would be replaced by ‘work month’.

16. Without minimum wage laws, employers (Wal-Mart) would throw a twenty dollar bill into a room every month and laugh as employees fought to the death for pay. The winning employee would then be fined twenty-five dollars for damages and raped if female.

17. Without a strong U.S. military presence in every country in the world, those countries without a strong U.S. military presence would be plagued by war.

18. Without Social Security, you will sit in your house watching snuff movies while your grandmother dies on your doorstep.

19. Without an enormous percentage of the budget going towards “defense” the word “defense” would mean “defense”.

20. Without tough, tough, tough, tough drug laws, everyone would be high all the time; especially children because of the forced prostitution to pay for their parents’ drugs.

21. Without the FDA, “big pharma” would never innovate and make bloated, unrealistic claims about their products and there would be not be one effective medication and we would die from eating radiation poop pork in exploding aircraft piloted by children, sick and dying from their bullet injuries and child porn rapes.

22. Without the FDA, shady supplement and quack medicine manufacturers could make bloated, unrealistic claims about their products. Oh. Wait.

The book wot i wrote

I actually didn’t write this book on account of i’m lazy and incoherent… but, otolaryngologist if I weren’t lazy and incoherent, hospital this is the book I would write:

I don’t know this Greta. I have a feeling we disagree on lots and lots and lots of stuff… But, she addresses any questions about living without a god that you might still have in this new millennium.

They Came From Outer Space

Back before you were born, viagra there were only a few television channels and television was a way for people to make money. Amazing, order right?

So, there were these people who had some money and they decided they wanted to start a new network. They had one show. A new program called Star Trek – The Next Generation, with a British guy as the captain of the enterprise. That was going to be their “flagship” show, but they needed content.

The plan was start in a couple markets on one night and then gradually take over. Fox was beginning to do well so…

The three shows that got the green light for this new network were:
Shades of L.A. – A cop in l.a. who can see through stuff or something.
She-Wolf of London – A girl in London is a Werewolf but has to move back to Los Angeles when the budgets get cut because the new network is tanking.
They Came From Outer Space – Two brothers… no real brothers, i mean… yeah.. two brothers from another planet.. no that comes later. They come to earth to meet girls. And, they feel each others feelings so when one guy is getting laid, the other guy can feel it. It’ll be great. It’ll be the only one hour comedy on television. Ever. (I think).

Stuart “the great” Fratkin and I had just come back from doing Ski School in Canaduh and had become buddies. We both got auditions for this “They Came From Outer Space” show. We aksed if we could go in and audition with each other. We ad-libbed a lot of the audition and we ended up getting the parts.

The show only aired in three cities: L.A., New York and Pittsburgh(!?). That’s why you’ve never seen it or heard of it. It’s now on DVD.

Soon, we will do an OddComment of some of the episodes.

It is definitely hit and miss. The last 10 episodes are “really good”. Yes, that’s in quotes. It’s hit and miss. There are some wildly funny scenes and there is some true crap, as well. That’s what happens when you’re shooting 11-12 pages a day for six months.

But. I had a lot of hair. Also, Stuart was in a committed relationship (he’s with her to this day!!) and I was single and trying to get over the girl who broke me. So you can watch it and see who I get along with. Wink.

The sad part of all of this is that they aired the show all of the time. So much so that when ever I ran into people who’d done guest starring roles, they’d say “Dude, you must be getting rich! I’m getting so many residuals!!! Oh, man!!!”

Well, no. We got royally and completely skrewwwwwed by someone. Not sure who did it. Maybe it was Universal. Maybe my manager. Maybe Finnegan-Pinchuk. Maybe Stuart’s manager. Maybe a combination of the above. Maybe it was just incompetence. But definitely SAG. It’s when SAG became my enemy. Ah well. Who needs a house at 30?

Yes, I’m still pissed about it. Sorry.

They Came From Outer Space – The Complete Television Series

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