Movie Sneak Podcast

Some people who have a hand in my career believe that the key to me getting roles in movies and television is having a hit podcast.


I think that getting people to see me for roles in movies and television or come out and see The Nigerian Spam Scam Scam makes more sense as it’s something that utilizes just about everything I do but a podcast could be interesting.

The Half-Assed Cast was fun while it lasted.

I’m thinking of doing one on my own where I each episode has me “visiting” a place I’ve lived during my journey here on earth.

But, treat until I get off my ass and do that, meningitis I’ve been aksed to be a part of The Movie Sneak podcast. It’s a couple guys who I do not know at all, Craig Jameson & Jim DeLaney. They are a couple of big time movie buffs who know and care way more about show-biz than I do.

The first episode hits the internets 11/2/2015 and the first one I’m in will be unleashed 11/09/2015.

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More info here:


A couple o’ things: has launched.

It’s me rambling aboot stuff while navigating raising a kid as an atheist, heart freedom-loving dad. I try not to take myself too seriously, but sometimes I really ought to. I do that at

The bride and I took the lad to his first 4th Of July fireworks display yesterday. We had a wonderful day in general, having begun at a party at the home of some people from P.E.T. class. The bride has been slammed at work, so it was nice for her to just sit and chat with people.

Regarding fireworks displays though, this is how I think they should be done:

It would be sooooo much cooler!!!

SublimeText 2 SIAF snippet

I was watching the free NetTuts (short U sound, prescription oddly) “30 Days to Learn jQuery” series and Jeffery Way uses a SublimeText 2 code snippet “siaf” to quickly insert a self-invoking anonymous function.

If you’re a mac user, save this in
HD>Users>machinename>Library>Application Support>Sublime Text 2>Packages>User with whatever name you like that ends with .sublime-snippet

Grab from <snippet> to </snippet>
I named it siaf.sublime-snippet because I’m clever like that!

// function:


</snippet> suck my bag

If you had so much time on your hands that you thought “hey… i wonder what’s up with that guy who did three episodes of alf with no sleep and totally heartbroken, neurosurgeon I think I’ll look him up on the google!” and figured out my name (dean cameron) and clicked a link to, online you were redirected to either download a virus or visit

Why was that?

Because some bastard in the former soviet union decided to hack every site I have hosted on

were all victims of this dongface.

It began back late November and I finally got everything wiped for good today. The final bit being this line in my .htaccess file:

RewriteRule .* [R, ed L]

Total dongliness.

If you have hit this page because you’ve been snagged with this problem, try the steps below. If those don’t work, send me an email and maybe I can help you out. My email address is my first name and this site name. It’s also the way you can paypal 20 bucks to me if the steps below help you out.

I used Transmit & TextMate to fix everything, but you can use whatever FTP & text editor you like, obviously. In your FTP program, navigate to each directory, select all the files that can be edited with a text editor (that means no images…duh) and then “Open With…” and select whatever text editor you’re using.

New WordPress Themes
There were new wordpress themes created. That was two days ago and I’ve forgotten what they were called. Sorry. They started with the letter “V”. Shoulda written it down. Get rid of those themes. You weren’t using ’em anyway and they actually contain a backdoor script (heh) to do all sorts of crappy stuff to all sorts of innocent peeps.

Weird Files & Weird File Names
Check for a bunch of files created on the same date. Look at those. Some will be named ‘ted_hammer.php’ or ‘flixxypo.php’. They are files that have their names generated by a bot using some sort of dictionary concatenating the words to create a file name (ted_hammer.php) or just creating a filename with some other sort of rule (flixxypo.php). They probably have a bunch of gobbledygook (that’s a technical term for ‘whatchamadingies’). Remove those files.

Redirect Code In Every File
Then, go through each and every file you have and check the last line for the url your site is being redirected to. ( remove that line and any surrounding code and you’ll be fine. Go through all of your themes, when doing this step, ass well.

Redirect Rule In .htaccess
To see your .htaccess in Transmit, select: View/Show Invisible Files. It’s in the main directory of your site. You will probably see this bit:

RewriteRule .* [R,L]

Get rid of it.

Then, change your password.

You have your site back… Until they do it again.


Supersonic Sex Machine!

As I’ve mentioned over 10 million times, seek I co-wrote a tune on ‘Balls Out’, sick the new Steel Panther record called ‘Supersonic Sex Machine’. The first installment in a dystopian heavy metal rock opera about, cialis 40mg well, a Sex Machine who happens to be Supersonic.

The cool thing about bands wot are popular (I’m talking to you, The Thornbirds!!!) is that fans (adam sergeant, in this case) will come up with “Fan Art”.

No, not art made out of indoor cooling devices, but art inspired by one’s creative endeavor.

And with that…

I give you:

Supersonic Sex Machine

P.S. I would also like to thank the cuntz who have completely fucked up all of my web sites. I hate you and hope you die of poop poisoning.


[youtube XSuvSn8nt1g]

A redundant post, pharmacy but it’s my blog. Why are you reading it, anyway.

Jon Stewart

I figure if I put that in the title more people would read.

I’m not a jon stewart fan. Apparently, anaemia I would be, view but I’m not. To me, and based on a total of 20 minutes of viewing time, he’s a big, cynical, smirk and I don’t get it. The jack black of politics.

I know, I know, I’m wrong.


This piece is beautiful.

Fact or Myth?

Hey good people of earth… I have a project for you. I know I’m not supposed to question these things but…

As a new parent, approved I’ve heard many horror stories about how kids die. Specifically, these two:
1) Drowing in the toilet and
B) Smothered by a sleeping parent.

I’ve done extensive google-ing and the only toilet drownings are parents murdering their kids by drowning them in the toilet. I’ve located one article about a parent smothering their child (this is really tough to write… sheesh). But not one article about accidental toilet drowning or parental smothering.

One woman who way into Facebook neglected a kid in the bathtub, but I don’t find a child drowning in the bathtub to be much of an extraordinary claim.

There are plenty of articles about kids being killed by the family dog or falling down stairs, but that’s it.

If you search you will find many articles with people saying that these things happen but with not one source attribution.

Regarding the smothering, a friend online said “it happens every day” and someone closely associated with the baby cult we’re in said something similar regarding toilet drownings. “It happens all the time. It’s horrible.”

I think it’s a myth. As parents, we have plenty of horrible crap to worry about. I’d like to reduce the millions of things to worry about by two. It’s the “Big Toilet Seat Lock” industry perpetrating their evil corporatism upon us!!! Either that or just well-meaning people wanting to protect children.


Tech Recruiters: I have great pity for these fine folks – it seems like a horrible job, visit this site and I suppose that they behave the way they behave because of behavior on both my side of the industry and the employer side of the industry. But, MANOHMAN, can they be annoying and weird.

Two days ago, I updated my Front End Dev resume on I opted to leave it “searchable by employers” but what that means is “have 20 recruiters call me regarding jobs that I’m not qualified for”.
Not only am I getting calls about .net gigs and email about managing a C# team in Torrance, but I think I’m being stalked by one guy who actually sent me a poem via text-message.
And I (block)quote:

Dean, don’t be mean
i gotta crazy job for u
crazier than charlie sheen.

This is the jam
with a bit of penut butter
smashed with ham

Dean let me tell u about all the goodness i got in between!

True story. Really. It’s on my phone. I’ll show you sometime.

Each and every one of them leads with a variation of this line: “Hey, buddy, a colleague of mine just handed me your resume and I’d like to discuss a position that I think you’re a great fit for. Gimme a call back at Desperate Recruitment Solutions…” The ones who email me send a robot-killer: “A colleague of mine just handed me your resume and I’d like to discuss a position that I think you’re a great fit for, please send me your resume.”

They probably mean “updated resume” but still.

Here’s the problem with all of this. Up until a year ago, I’d been out of work for just about two years. That includes any showbiz stuff. I was scouring the boards… there was nothing for front-end guys. Now I have a very nice gig, but we are just now tying up the loose ends created by that nightmare. What I learned about these tech recruiters is that they do not have jobs that you are a perfect fit for. They are at the worst lying and and at the least just playing a numbers game – compile enough resumes and ‘heads’ and eventually, one will hit and their company will make the arm and leg they charge companies for their “service”. One place I worked was paying the recruiter $60/hr for my $30/hr job. And I never met the recruiter. They just sent my resume over.

I say “just” as if that’s nothing. I understand that one must cull through a billion submissions, but… just sayin’. It’s good money if you can get it.

The poet who is stalking me said he has a front end gig for me that pays 110k. There are no front end dev positions paying 110k. Not U.S. dollars, anyway. Yet.

As soon as a company passes on your resume, they are impossible to get on the phone. I actually made it in to the office of one recruiter and it was like the call center in Slumdog Millionaire. A big dry-erase board with goals and “this weeks winners”. (by the way, if you are a ruby or .net developer, you win at life). A bell was rung when someone filled a position. Horrible.

The experience that really soured me on them was the guy who was buddy, buddy, buddy with me – “they want someone with a sense of humor, buddy” and, after my phone cut out on his boss once, I wrote an email, apologizing to her, ending the email saying that I’d purchased my phone plan from a guy in Nigeria who also promised me 30 million dollars. Cute, right? “I’m sorry that our call ended so abruptly. Service in Los Angeles is maddening. I hope we can talk again soon. I don’t understand why service is so bad, etc. …” Starts off nicely and culpable and then adds a quick little “joke”. No poem… nothin. Right?

My buddy wrote back saying that his boss didn’t think I seemed professional. True story.

I guess I’m just sour on the flesh-peddler idea in general. Except for three people and you know who you are.

Now, if you actually DO have a front-end-dev gig in Burbank that pays over 100k/yr, please shoot me an email at my first name at this domain. Better still – a recurring t.v. gig that leads to a regular gig 2nd season leading to directing 2 episodes 3rd season. Howbout that, buddy?!

Why do we insist on treating each other like shit?

Weekend Fun

I just read another article about another person who did something horrible in the name of god. She killed her child* because she thought he was possessed by the devil.

Of course she’s insane, this probably schizophrenic as they often have lots of fun god stuff going on, information pills and it wasn’t the bible or any of that crap that made her kill her child but….

Imagine if she’d done something “good” for the kid or something positive where she lives and then said it was the jesus who made her do it. We wouldn’t stop hearing about it. There would be feel-good pieces on the news and in the papers all about the sweet woman with the two kids who fed the cats on her block because the jesus is telling her to do it.

Right? Right.

We can’t have it both ways, medications can we?

“There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil.”
Ayn Rand

*the three year old was murdered slowly and painfully, over many days.
I did an interview on this web radio station. There was some technical nuttiness involving “lag” that interfered with us having a completely excellent time, information pills
so it was just an excellent time.

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